So, thought I would write a bit more about my trip here in the US. I have slept my first night at the hotel and had to up the air con late last night. I also had to put on a pair of soft pants and a sweater! 

We had dinner last night at an American restaurant/pub/diner. Had a steak salad and chose the petite size… Omg, it was like a regular Swedish salad. 

Today will be a day in the office. Hopefully I won’t be as jetlaged as I was working late nights back home and tried to stay up until 3-4 am before going to sleep. I guess I will know later today.


#BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter #AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile

Update: It’s even 3 days in a row: #DelrawnSmall was killed before the other 2 victims…

I’ve just seen the videos…there are no words. Both of them shows a man dying. DYING!

Alton Sterling and Philado Castile will be 2 of all the names we all should know and never forget. I admit, I know too few of them as I don’t live in the US, but now, these news have reached me. I love social media when this is what happens. It stirs up people all around the globe and highlight things that are wrong in this world. Found this Facebook status linked on Twitter. I think this sums it up. Just because I use the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, it doesn’t mean I’m against cops!!

panters vs dolphins

Obama has given his 5 cents on this:

“When people say Black Lives Matter, it doesn’t mean blue lives don’t matter, it just means all lives matter, but right now the big concern is the fact that the data shows black folks are more vulnerable to these kinds of incidents. This isn’t a matter of us comparing the value of lives.”

http://www.mediaite.com/tv/obama-when-people-say-black-lives-matter-that-doesnt-mean-blue-lives-dont-matter/ (3 min 40 sec into the video).

Jesse Williams won the BET Humanitarian Award recently and held a great speech. Obviously and sadly, this is the black entertainment so the people who needs to hear it probably don’t.

All I have seen this week in my Facebook feed is pictures of #summer, #Brexit (I currently live in the UK), #AnnualLeave etc. I’m even at a christian conference and I have heard no mention of these events. The perfect place to mention this and get people praying!!!

I don’t know what more we can do except pray for this world!! Pray that the righteous cops be brave and stand up to their colleagues who are unaware of the culture they are raised up in where they are afraid of black people. To be brave and highlight the wrong in these videos below.

Acceptance is the first step to change. Accept that this is happening too much!!!

Warning for graphic and very upsetting videos below:



Gud vad jag saknar Sverige!! But, oh, how I will miss Hillsong!!!!!!!

Läser nyheter om att britter som röstade “lämna” inte trodde deras röst räknades. Att det ändå var så stor majoritet för att stanna så det troligtvis inte spelade någon roll…
Efter att ha sett vad som hände idag så ångrar de sig. #smart!
Det jag hade velat se i debatten före The Referendum är fler analyser och inte emotionella utspel (immigranter tar våra jobb! NHS kommer få 350 miljoner pund i veckan om vi lämnar).
Britterna har röstat, nu får vi se hur parlamentet gör…Om de lämnar in ansökan att lämna eller ej. Ska även bli intressant att se hur Skottland gör…
Funderar på hur troligt ett #Swexit är…jag hoppas att vi är klokare än britterna, men ibland undrar jag när jag läser vissa svenskars inlägg där de frågar hur livet blir nästa månad i UK…
Det kommer troligtvis ta minst 2 år innan UK lämnar EU. De behöver förhandla om avtal osv och det kommer ta tid! Fram till dess är de fortfarande medlemmar i EU och livet som utlandssvensk i UK är inte över än.
Folk har flyttat till andra länder utanför EU förr, världen går inte under!
Hmm. Politisk rant över…
Fattar inte att sommaren är här eftersom jag inte fått någon vanlig svensk vår. Har även haft den segaste och tråkigaste midsommarafton på länge eftersom jag inte känner så många svenskar här i mina trakter. Hyde Park imorgon är ett alternativ, men hur kul är det att åka dit helt själv?!! Ser fram emot att åka hem nästa vecka. 3 veckors semester!! Hönökonferensen, Strandgården och föräldrarna kommer besökas.
Ett råd till alla andra, flytta inte utomlands själv! Om du gör det, bosätt dig i närheten av andra från ditt land! Se även till att staden du bor i är roligare än Chatham.
Hillsong Kent har varit mitt andliga hem i 9 månader och jag kommer sakna denna kyrka med all sin värme och kärlek! Nu vet jag hur det är att vara engagerad och helt investerad i en enda församling där jag trivs väldigt bra och även känner Guds närvaro på ett helt annat sätt än i mina tidigare församlingar. Önskar det fanns en officiell Hillsongförsamling i Göteborg. Det jag märkt under detta året är att jag hellre lyssnar på Guds ord på engelska. Det talar till mig på ett helt annat sätt. Det predikas även på ett helt annat sätt, helt andra ämnen och hur man lägger fram och presenterar Gud är också helt olika.
Besökte Smyrna International när jag var hemma sist. Temat för predikan var “I love my church”. Har jag någonsin hört en predikan på svenska om hur jag älskar min kyrka?!
Det predikas om kyrkan men kyrkan på armlängds avstånd. Sekulariserade Sverige kan inte hantera att man säger att man älskar sin kyrka.
 Första intrycket av Smyrna international var bra, får gå dit fler gånger när jag kommit hem. Nu måste jag nog sova…Om jag en ska fundera på Hyde Park imorgon…

Gloriously ordinary

I have just come home from Colour Conference London and I am on a high! I’m high on God.


It has been a few amazing days and I have just loved all of it! This was my first Colour Conference and it certainly won’t be my last. I have never really listened to Bobbie Houston before, mainly because I haven’t been to a Hillsong Church before. I only knew about their music but she is a godly woman and she is soo funny!



There was a church connected to the Hillsong Family where I lived before but I only visited a few times and never felt at home there. So moving to the UK, joining a Hillsong church had never been part of my plan. The US was where I thought I would end up if I ever moved to an English-speaking country and then I would have thought Atlanta and the North point ministry or perhaps Chicago and then one of the gospel churches. But as we all know, God works in mysterious ways and I ended up here in the UK.

This weekend at Colour I know God worked in me. He shone light on things I needed to see, He lifted my spirit and He put my compass straight again. But I also had some epiphanies.

They were showing some personal stories from women from all over the world. Beautiful stories about how God had come into their life and restored, made new and just saved them. What they did have in common was they had all been though a hardship. Different things but all hardships. Then and there, I realised that I should be so grateful! Grateful that I have not had these hardships in my life.

I have parents who love me and were supportive throughout my childhood. When I wanted to go to a youth meeting in a church about 1 hour drive from home (in the south of Sweden that is quite far away) they picked me up at 11.30 pm as there were no trains or buses going home. I have asked them now as an adult why they did that as I know so many friends never had that. Yes, I wanted to go to a church and I guess they were happy I wasn’t secretly out drinking with friends. The answer I got was, “You demanded it”. Stubborn child hey, guess I know what will await me if I ever get kids…:D

In my early school years I had a teacher who was a racist. I did not have it easy the first 3 years in school with her but I can only be grateful for that time as it has made me want to be an open and welcome person. I don’t ever want people to feel left out, because I have had those feelings and they are not fun to have. Still, this is nothing compared to what others have had to gone through in their childhood. I have had it easy!

This is not a pitty post. This is just something I had on my mind this weekend. I am ordinary, but not just ordinary. I am gloriously ordinary as I am a child of God. As they said this weekend; I am royal, a daughter of the King most high, King over heaven and earth. It is my inheritance to be supernatural but I can be supernatural at the same time as I am ordinary.

I am so happy I have found this church! I had peace about moving to the UK and this is how God speaks to me. I know it is His will when I have peace with a decision. God wants me here right now and I intend to listen. Only He knows for how long but I look forward to the next 6 months, especially if they will be like the last 6! Who knows, it might end up being 6 years. God knows.

Last but definitely not the least: Thank you to all the men who were serving and making this year’s Colour possible.


When it doesn’t go my way I know that it is not the end
I’m trusting You have better plans I haven’t even dreamt of yet
I know that You are for me when everything’s against me
I put all my hope in YouJesus, I will trust You, I will trust You
I know You never fail, I will trust You 
Jesus, I will
Jesus, I will

I don’t know how the story ends but I know that You finished it
I’ll close my eyes and just let go and fall into my only hope
There’s safety in the falling when I surrender fully
I put all my hope in You

Jesus, I will trust You, I will trust You
I know You never fail, I will trust You 
Jesus, I will, I will
Jesus, I will, I willThe only thing I know is, God, You’re in control 
in every little detail You are close
I’ll never be alone here in the unknown
The power of Your presence fills my soul

Now everything I know is, God, You’re in control 
in every little detail You are close
I’ll never be alone here in the unknown
The power of Your presence fills my soul

Jesus, I will trust You, I will trust You
I know You never fail, I will trust You 
Jesus, I will trust You, I will trust You
I know You never fail, I will trust You 
Jesus, I will, I will
Jesus, I will, I will
Jesus, I will trust You, I will trust You
I know You never fail, I will trust You
Jesus, I will



Wow!! It’s already a new year…

I can’t imagine what would make this year better than my last. I mean, I moved! To another country! And God is with me! What can be better than that?!

I have some expectations for 2016 that I have told God. I will keep on praying and expecting. Wish I could tell you, but I can’t, not like this, on a blog. If you are curious, ask!

I find it hard to blog about my time here in the UK. Mostly because my work is nothing I want to write about and that makes my weekdays really boring. I go to work, I come home from work, eat something, go online, maybe talk to some friends on Facebook or on phone. It’s really not that different from Sweden except I wont meet friends in the evening here. And that also makes my weekdays more boring…So, what I can write about is Saturdays and church. I go to worship rehearsals on Wednesdays, I go to connect group/sisterhood on Thursdays and church services on Sundays.

I have met new friends, which is awesome! But that too is not tat different from Sweden…I am a social person so nothing new with that either.

Well, one thing that I can tell you is I’m going into London tomorrow for work but it’s too early to justify me staying there and go to a “London on Board” gaming night. And I want to go to rehearsal as well tomorrow as I might have my audition.

Well, here’s to hoping and praying for 2016!

2 months…only 2 months?

Wow, 2 months and it feels like 6 months! So much is happening and I can hardly keep up mentally. Not that I don’t get what is happening to me, I do, but I don’t have time to reflect or think about it. This is also why I haven’t been updating this blog for a while. I’m so busy! Busy with living, which is good.

So I sort of have a nice routine going. Mondays I will try to climb with my colleague, Tuesdays will be a free day, Wednesdays will be worship rehearsals in church(!) and Thursdays either connect group or sisterhood. Fridays and Saturdays I will keep open to meet up with people, and Sundays I will be in church all day. Fridays and Saturdays are still a bit hard, but I manage. I know Sunday will come and that gives me hope.

I had my friends here to visit last weekend and it hit me how much I had changed in my view of life. Things they took for granted I did not, things I took for granted they did not. The change is so fast! I guess I’m a chameleon. I adapt to where I am. It’s both good and bad. Good, I feel at home faster and find my bearing, bad, I let go of things I thought was truth but it’s only “the Swedish truth” if you get what I mean.

I also miss my friends a lot. Some friends I talk to regularly but others become lost to me. The friends I have known for a long time, they will still be there, I know that, but all the new acquaintances I made this year before I moved, all those almost friends that I wanted to turn into real friendship…most of them are lost to me. And some friends are expecting, and I’m missing that too! And my niece, she had a baby in August and I haven’t even met her yet!!!

Wow, this post turned depressing…Well, I’m still thankful I am here, love my church and see God more in my daily life. I’m glad I took this chance and got this experience. My heart is still halfway here, halfway in Sweden and I kinda like it that way.

Oh, I just realized, if I eat all food in the fridge/freezer, I can turn it off while back in Sweden! Save up on energy bill! Yay! Now I just need to make a few dishes with salmon, chicken and minced meat! I’ll sleep on that thought.