So, I went to Twiday in Sweden. Twiday = all 4 movies in a row with some short breaks in between. It was good to see them all again, saw the first one, Twilight, about a week ago so that one was fresh in my head. I actually fell asleep in the middle… But the other two, New Moon and Eclipse, was some time ago. About a year I would guess. 🙂 Probably saw New Moon right before Eclipse, just to freshen up my memory. I think they did a good job with this one, though I am still a bit torn about all the fighting scenes that really doesn’t exist. It was the same with the two previous ones. There was never that big of a fight in New Moon at the Voltouri, and in the end of Eclipse, Bella doesn’t actually stab herself. She only thinks about it. I know that this might seem a bit narrow minded of me to be so specific in so small a thing, but in my opinion it changes her character. Same with Breaking Dawn. The wolves does not fight with each other at the Cullens’. There is not that big of a fight.

I guess I’m also just pissed at how clearly I can see the difference between the first movie and the other three and I think it has to do with the directors. There was a female director on the first one, Catherine Hardwicke and it was a beautiful movie, so romantic and so much focus on how to make the audience feel like Bella, feel with her. In the tree sequels, who were all directed by men, the focus in my humble opinion has been on making good action scenes, while stressing the story and try to reveal as much as possible in as short time as possible. I would have loved for them to have made it a 3hx2 long movie. I will go see Breaking Dawn part 2 and now when I know what to expect, I will probably like that one. I just hope they don’t make an action scene of the end. It is so impossible for them to win that fight! So 1 year to go! Hm, many count downs to keep track on now…

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