It all started while I was about 17. I had a friend in gymnasium who listened a lot to him and we were going together with a bunch of others to a christian music festival. I can’t remember if it was The gospel Globe Festival or Connection. Anyway, my friend had lent me a CD saying “This is a great artist, you need to hear this”. This was SCC’s Heaven in the real world. I had no idea what kind of impact this man would have on my life. We went there, but there was some disappointment. He had canceled due to personal reasons. I think it was his father/grandfather who had passed away. Michael W Smith was one of the other musicians and of course I had no idea who he was either. Anyway, I kept on listening to SCC and in 2008 it was time again. He was to come to the Swedish christian music festival Gullbrannafestivalen. But again, he had to cancel due to personal reasons and this time it was his daughter. It was a real family tragedy so I can perfectly understand the decision! You can read more about it here (swe)or here (eng). Now, this spring, we try again and I pray to God so hard that He will let us take part of one of the best christian musician and not bring another misfortune unto SCC and family.

SCC have made 17 albums, received  5 grammies, 56 Dove Awards and have had 46 no 1 hits on american hitlists. I have tried to gather all albums, but still have a few left. Every time I listen to a song I discover something new, some small expression that speak to me, to where I am in my life at just that moment. So I can never listen to much to any of his songs, and that makes him a great singer/songwriter to me. So to be able to go to this concert is a pretty big thing for me. And from what I have heard, seen and read from other concerts, he shares, worships with us and speaks many truths. This is going to be a great day! April 27th, can’t wait til I get there!

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