So, my ex got married. It kinda hurts, but only because I’m still single and have been ever since we broke up. I know it’s not a competition, it’s more finding a person suited for you and who follows God, but I really would have liked being first.

We were great together, except for the fact he wasn’t a christian. Kind of a big deal, but at that time I wasn’t smart enough. Also, he was not strong enough for me. Not in the physical sense but mentally. He avoided so many argumentations. My roommate at that time told me, after we broke up, that he had confided some in her and had told her that it was easier to let me have my way with things rather than to question me. So I realized that I need a mentally strong man who will question me and tell me when I have gone too far. But this is just a wish. Sadly I can not be too picky as good christian men doesn’t grow on trees these days. But I have learnt one lesson. He needs to be an active follower of Christ. Otherwise I’d rather be single!

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