So they decided to close all nightclubs at 03 instead of 05. The newspaper Metro wrote about it yesterday, other papers wrote about it previously this week. The message is the same, it is the wrong decision. Metro says that 5000 signatures were gathered in only a few hours. I for one am positive to this decision. We need a mental change. It’s not the only way to have fun, going out and having a drink. And swedish people really know how to drink, only too well. So I think this is a good idea.

The arguments for keeping the clubs open are not that wise either, they say that the illegal clubs will take over if this change becomes permanent, they say it will become more violent in the city when it’s only 3 am and people are forced out from the clubs.

I believe that people will not be sharp enough to be irritated at 0300. And that you are probably not moving on to other clubs after you picked out your jacket from one at 0300. Why do people jump to so extreme conclusions? Yes, there might be a small percent that actually turns to the illegal clubs but the big mass will not, cause they know it is wrong. It’s like the debate about file sharing. I would not buy all the movies I have downloaded, I wouldn’t watch them at all. Now, I might find a movie that I like so much that I buy it, instead of never having watched it. So when the movie business poeple complain about lost revenue it is not the whole truth. And when an owner to a bar complains about having to close at 0300 instead of 0500, it is mostly about money, even though his letter tells us otherwise. He loses 2 hours of alcohol sold, and that is a lot of money. He is also against them closing the bar and only serving water. If it was just about having open and let people enjoy themselves, then why oppose that suggestion? No it is about the alcohol.

One more thing on my heart; I just wish other news would become this big, like how many children starve in the third world countries.

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