As I have written before, I love the English language. I find it more expressive, more detailed and more accurate. Especially in the christian vocabulary. Words as mercy and grace means two different things but in Swedish we only have one word…”nåd”. When I think about the use of the words I get irritated that I am a Swede. I would have loved to have been born in the US or the UK. Just to have this language as my mother tongue! When I worship, I rather sing the song in English, even though there is a translated version. But the translation is sometimes so bad it hurts inside!

This is one example:

I’m coming back to the heart of worship, and it’s all about You, it’s all about You Jesus.

This means that the writer wants to go back to the basics, to remember what it really means to worship…
This is the Swedish lyrics:

Jag vill tillbaka till hjärtats lovsång, och den handlar om Dig, bara om Dig Jesus.

What it says is: I want to come back to the worship of the heart, and it’s about You, only about You Jesus.

See my point?! There is a big difference! Matt Redman has a story about writing this song and I will let him tell it himself.

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