but spring is hiding and I’m freezing again. Will this ever stop? No, I live in Gothenburg… I wrote yesterday about me wanting to be born in the US or the UK… Today I wish I had been born in Florida or Australia…

So, in two weeks I will sing at a wedding. It’s a couple in my church and it’s the second one for me this year where i’m singing. I will also sing at a wedding in May but I don’t know the couple getting married so I will get paid! They heard me singing the national anthem at a track and field-competition in February and asked my sister if she knew who I was. And I’m booked a second time from the same track and field-organisation to sing the anthem in June!

I see my voice as a gift from God. He gave it to me and I want to honor Him with it. And now, when I get money using it, it’s money directly from Him. He provides for me! I have a job, but it’s only 75% and I only get by, so this is very welcome and a blessing!

I’m really amazed at how God works and how He loves me!

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