So, I saw Noah last night… A good movie, but beware, not much based on the bible. I can appreciate the dramatical telling of this tale, cause it is a good narrative, BUT, the narrative is not true. This is a fairy tale! If you don’t want spoilers, stop reading now!!

So many things are not from the bible. I had no idea who the watchers were, and the relationship between Noah and his family is not as it is told in the bible. They were godly, righteous people. And, Noah would have loved for others to have come aboard the arch but the people laughed at him and did not believe him. One big thing we, my friends and I, agreed on was good in the movie, is that they portraid sin very well. The people were sinful and put themselves in Gods place. They thought if they were made in His image, they had the right to exploit the earth and all it gave. But we are put here to take care of the earth, not exploit it. Noah and his family were caretakers of the creation, the rest of the world was exploiting it.

When they finally made it on the arch, the movie tells about Noah’s son. He helps a man who is not righteous and is influenced by him and finally wants to kill his own father. As I see it when reading the bible, there was no sin on the arch. It all washed away in the flood and God wanted to start over with Noah and his family; the righteous few. In the movie however, Noah and his family are very flawed in their faith, their following of God. Not that they should be perfect, but they are portraid in a way that seems they do not follow God’s way at all…And the power is put in Noah’s hand, not in God’s. He has to decide if man is worthy enough to have life. God intended from the start that Noah and his family would survive. He was very clear about this, and Noah was grateful and thankful.

So, to conclude…it was a good movie, inspired by the bible but not at all based on it.

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