I have had this question on my heart for a while now.

What if I’m not loving people enough?

I love my friends, they are so precious to me but, I have friends that are not following Christ and I have siblings that don’t follow Jesus. I don’t try to talk them into coming to church… Why don’t I do that?

I think I’m like the other son in the parabel of the prodigal son. Not the one coming home, but the other one who stayed at home. He who gets angry when he sees his father arrange this feast when his brother comes home.

The big thing everyone talks about in this story is what the prodigal son has done. He has declared his own father dead when asking for his inheritance. He has turned his back on his family. But many forget about the brother…the one who stayed and was loyal. While he inherits all that is left, he still can’t rejoice with the father. He can not understand why he has been put aside when the other son comes home. I think I’m like this with my  friends and siblings that are not christians. But this is the Fathers love, to rejoice when what was lost is found, to be glad when a sinner is saved. The brother doesn’t love his homecoming brother like the father, that’s why he can’t rejoice.

I need to realize that God loves in a different way, a better way, and I need to learn how…

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