Why is it so hard for me? To hold on to this decision… I had a goal, to read some in the bible every day and I started to follow a reading plan. Now, I’m like 10 days behind. Not that I haven’t read but I had some trouble understanding what I was reading. So I wanted to read from another bible where they use a simpler languange and lots of commentaries.  But this bible is very heavy and hard to bring in a purse. So I fell behind… And now, I feel like I have to catch up or I will have failed.

Why is it so hard to keep focus? I have missed the last two cermons ’cause I have been late to church; I have prioritized to stay up late the day before, to sleep in instead of getting up and go to church…

So please, Jesus, bring me back to you, make my life all about you, instead of me.

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