So, I started to watch this movie…Hoping it would be better than Noah. It starts out with Ramses and Moses as adults. They are brothers and Moses is still thinking he is an Egyptian. This is all true and well, but they spin this story in an untrue way, as you can always trust Hollywood to do. If you read the bible this is only one chapter; a chapter with 25 verses. Moses’ birth, salvation and upbringing is summarized in one chapter. Here they spend 50 minutes of a movie on this. So of course they have added some drama. We see him meeting his family. They romanticize the meeting of Moses and Sippora and we see that Moses has a son. When Moses is called by God, they make it look like insanity. In the bible, standing on holy ground is a mere mistake, he has no idea where he is herding his sheep. But here, in the movie, he knowingly goes up to a mountain that his wife’s belief forbids her people to climb, he knowingly moves to holy ground. In a landslide during rain, he hits his head and the burning bush is not talking, though burning, it is a child talking to him as God while he is in some dreamlike state, making it look like he is insane. This continues throughout the story as no one else can see this child. The one point where the movie really fails for me is when Moses takes matter in his own hands (shocking! I know…the “I’m able”-syndrome, man doesn’t need God etc.) and decides to make an army of the Israelites. This never happens in the bible. Moses simply goes to the Pharao and asks him to let his people go. But, as Hollywood can never stay true to a bible story, they always need to spice things up. Here, Moses never speaks to Ramses to ask him. They encounter each other in the stables when Moses steals the horses before all the mayhem begins, but otherwise they never speak until right before the death of all firstborn. So, this is 1 hour and 20 minutes into the movie; 4 chapters in the bible. The rest of the story is so many more chapters and they get equal time. You never see Moses get the power to do miracles. You never see him and Aron talk to Pharao on God’s behalf. Here, God is acting on his own accord and doesn’t need Moses. True, He doesn’t need Moses, but it is not according to the bible. So, the next whole 30 minutes is all about the plagues. What is 8 chapters in the bible, Hollywood makes 30 minutes. Also, they change the order of the fifth and sixth plague, which is not the big of a deal if you look at the whole story and all the changes. The only demand Moses makes is through sending back one of the horses they stole with a text on the side written in blood saying they need to speak before it gets worse. When leaving Egypt the Israelites have no God to protect them, they are all in Moses care. This is also very far from what the bible tells. In the bible, God is with them, feeds them and takes care of them. Also, what is supposed to be a miracle directed from God through Moses is now an act of God and only God. Moses is surprised, not used. And the red sea is not parted, it is drained. And Moses’ words are “You have honored me with your trust, now I honor you with my faith, follow me and you will be free, stay and you will perish. Do not be afraid, God is with us.” Follow ME…not God. And, Moses is caught in the sea when it flows back together. He lives, but still, not biblical. He also returns to his family before setting out for Canan instead of them following him. The stone tablets are also in the movie, but there isn’t much about them which is correct either. The bible tells about all the rites and laws they receive from God, why man celebrated easter before Jesus died. I do get why they are not including this. “Rules are boring”… Throughout the movie, Moses is in conflict with God, and God is acting like a child (literally) with childish ways and Moses is not the God-fearing, humble man that the bible tells us about. This whole Hollywood story is so told by men that it’s sad!! I don’t know why I’m so disappointed. I should have expected this. After all, it’s Hollywood. One thing I can say positively, the actors are ok.

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