So I have been in the UK for a month now and I should have known better from the start! I should have known that God is faithful and that He never fails. But before I left Sweden, I just prepared myself for a very though winter season. I expected to be alone, in another country, all my friends would be back in Sweden and I would see all their happy-clappy, cozy, hot chocolate status’ and just be miserable in my lonesome. I should have known better.

I couldn’t have been more wrong in my assumptions. And I’m so grateful! One thing that pushed me towards making the move was, in Sweden, I was safe. I knew I had friends, I had a job, I knew what to expect every day and I was safe. Safe in the meaning that I had financial and social security. I wanted to challenge myself and also just give up a bit of control over my own life. Give it to God. And just this one step, this one action has just opened so much in my heart. God has touched my heart and shown how loving, caring and merciful He really is. Today I sit here with a broken heart. Not broken in the sense I’m hurt, but my heart is breaking for God.

“Break my heart for what breaks Yours, everything I am for Your Kingdom’s cause”

10 years ago, I had been living in Gothenburg for a year, I was in a relationship that choked my spirit, I still believed in Jesus but I wasn’t living. My heart was cold.

I could never have imagined that 10 years later, today, I would sit in my apartment in England and attend a Hillsong church! So long I have had the english language close to my heart, I have been longing to sing the songs from Hillsong, Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin and several others in their original state (not as translations) always. I just can’t believe I’m here. And I can see God so clearly throughout my life, how so much has led up to this point. Then I couldn’t see it, now I can. The bigger picture.

Nothing happens by chance!

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