So, I still have one foot left in Sweden. I have so many friends there and I really want to keep constant contact with them so we don’t fall out of habit, but it’s hard. The time difference is annoying! Like tonight, just got home from the watching Spectre with a colleague and just felt like chatting a bit with someone in Sweden. But it’s 11 pm !!! Way to late to start a chat or call! And now when I only have a UK number I guess it’s hard for people just to spontaneously call me. It’s expensive!

I don’t feel alone, but it’s just the difference. Before and now. And I know my friends care for me still, it’s just hard to keep in touch, everyone busy with their own life. And I can’t just call and see if I can pop by. Or if someone wants to come over one evening.

It has its perks as well though. I have time to cook, I have time to clean, I have time to read. But I still miss just calling someone and ask “Hey, what you up to, wanna meet for a fika?”.


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