Wow!! It’s already a new year…

I can’t imagine what would make this year better than my last. I mean, I moved! To another country! And God is with me! What can be better than that?!

I have some expectations for 2016 that I have told God. I will keep on praying and expecting. Wish I could tell you, but I can’t, not like this, on a blog. If you are curious, ask!

I find it hard to blog about my time here in the UK. Mostly because my work is nothing I want to write about and that makes my weekdays really boring. I go to work, I come home from work, eat something, go online, maybe talk to some friends on Facebook or on phone. It’s really not that different from Sweden except I won’t meet friends in the evening here. And that also makes my weekdays more boring…So, what I can write about are Saturdays and church. I go to worship rehearsals on Wednesdays, I go to connect group/sisterhood on Thursdays and church services on Sundays.

I have met new friends, which is awesome! But that too is not that different from Sweden…I am a social person so nothing new with that either.

Well, one thing that I can tell you is I’m going into London tomorrow for work but it’s too early to justify me staying there and go to a “London on Board” gaming night. And I want to go to rehearsal as well tomorrow as I might have my audition.

Well, here’s to hoping and praying for 2016!

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