Last year, I made a discovery in my own behavior. When I felt lonely I turned to social media. I read, I posted and I hoped for likes. Sometimes I came across a funny video and then I laughed out loud by myself and shared it for others to enjoy. Then I continued to scroll through everyone else’s lives. Even this blog has been a way of reaching out, making myself seen, but not as much as social media was. This blog is also where I want to share thoughts about what I feel are important subjects. Like today…

So, what I found out about myself makes me wonder how many other people there are out there behind their computers, watching, posting and feeling lonely and hoping that someone will like their post and make them feel seen. Who also feel a bit lonely. Maybe they don’t have close friends to spend time with…

I am grateful that I do have close friends! My excuse for not reaching out and call friends, instead of turning to social media, was that usually, I didn’t have the energy to do that. I got through it as I knew my loneliness was temporary and I was looking to the future when I would have energy. Like today. Today I do have the energy. But I wonder how many people actually have the energy but have no friends to call…So dear friends, please know that you can always call me!!

Another issue I have seen with the social media is the constant hunt for likes. The constant search for confirmation. I am so happy I grew up while the world was still small and all I wanted to do was to play with my friends or go to the equestrian center and go horseriding and take care of the horses, that my teenage goal never was to get likes on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, there are good things with social media. For example, I can call my friend on Messenger that lives halfway around the world and have a chat every night. The only thing bothering us is the time difference.

Calling someone gives you a far greater satisfaction than the temporary satisfaction you get from random people liking a post. Yesterday I was on the phone for 3(!) hours with my friend, just wasting time together. It was awesome! Let’s talk more people!!


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