So, thought I would write a bit more about my trip here in the US. I have slept my first night at the hotel and had to up the air con late last night. I also had to put on a pair of soft pants and a sweater! 

We had dinner last night at an American restaurant/pub/diner. Had a steak salad and chose the petite size… Omg, it was like a regular Swedish salad. 

Today will be a day in the office. Hopefully I won’t be as jetlaged as I was working late nights back home and tried to stay up until 3-4 am before going to sleep. I guess I will know later today.


Social experiments…

So, there have been some videos going round on Facebook. It is from social experiments about violence and abuse. I do like people trying to open the eyes of others, but it also make me wonder. In Sweden, the reactions to a Swedish couple where the woman was abused in public were few.

Later, they stated that lack of reactions were due to the fact that many suspected they were filming and said they saw the hidden camera. I, myself, did also wonder and could have been one of those who suspected foul play. But what if it wasn’t an experiment? What if this was for real?

Today, I saw another video. This was filmed in another country, and boy! Everyone reacted! When the woman was publicly pushed around, everyone, man and woman, came to her aid.

I think this says something about Sweden. It says something about our mindset. Maybe they saw the filming equipment, but hey, what if it isn’t fake? Is it worth to not react?!

I also start to wonder; now, when there are many doing this experiment, will it be like when Peter cried wolf? Will people become numb and just assume it’s a staged event? As i said before, I like the idea to try to open the eyes of others, but it also makes me wonder about these questions.

In the second part of the non Swedish experiments, shown below, the male is being abused. Not one reacted. Though, I suspect it is skepticism that makes everyone less inclined to intervene. But this is also a problem. Many men are abused as well.

Yet another experiment that also scares me. Not many reacted. Yes, it is a bit obvious, but still…What if?!

Well, just my two cents…