“I’m sitting here in a boring room…

It’s just another rainy sunday afternoon”…not really but it fit so good I couldn’t help myself. I know that I’m gonna have fun in about 2 hours, going for my weekly horseback riding lesson, but I have a friend stay over form yesterday to today and it was really nice. We talked and talked, even though we were soo tired. Still achieved to fall asleep before midnight though 🙂

So now my apartment seems so empty, after my friend from Taiwan left and from the sleepover tonight. I do like living alone, I come as I please and do whatever I want but I still miss to be that close to someone. Be that a friend or something more, it does not matter. Would love to share a big apartment with one or more friends.

By the way, spoke with some friends and here it is again, on request: The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating from Northpoint.org