Apartment hunting

Wow! It’s so easy moving to England! NOT!

Last Thursday I called 6-7 agencies and asked if they have any apartments and they all give me the same answer; as I don’t have any UK credit/financial history I need a guarantor or pay 6 months rent in advance…Luckily, my company will step in and be my guarantor so from now on, when calling, it has been a more positive experience. But still, there are so many things to think about…

I’m flying over this week and the plan is  a team day with my new colleagues on Wednesday, and to look at apartments on Tuesday and Thursday. I have maybe one viewing on Tuesday and that depends on if it has not been let already. And the question of how I will travel to the viewing is still to be determined…I can travel by bus, but wow, I might get soo lost! It’s not a wonder I can’t sleep at the moment! So many things and thoughts in my head.

The apartment market is soo different from Sweden! The tenants can leave with 1 month notice, the landlord have to give 2 months notice but it is from the date you give notice. So if you give notice on the 5th, then you have the apartment to the 5th next month. This means that apartments can come on the market anytime! And it all depends on how flexible you are for viewings. And as I don’t live in the UK I can’t really be that flexible. And, on top of it all, as I still have my old job to perform, every time I hop on a flight, I put them in a tight spot.

I really thank God for creating me to be a very calm and non stressful person. I know everything will fall into place, but while in the midst of it, it’s a storm! I’m so grateful I have this hope and can trust these words from God: “Don’t be afraid of tomorrow, I’m already there”

Moving to England!

So, I’m moving from Sweden…!!! I have worked at a company, Icomera, since December. This July I applied for another position at the English office and got it. That process took 1 week…. 1 week!! I applied on Friday, had a Skype interview on Wednesday and they offered me the job on Thursday. So, I’m moving!!

So much to be done. A future colleague said it took him 3 months to complete the moving process. I have 6 weeks. If this works, and I have an apartment on October 1st, it’s only with Gods help! So, friends, please pray for me!!

I take comfort in this song (sorry, not the complete song) :