Winter isn’t coming…

but spring is hiding and I’m freezing again. Will this ever stop? No, I live in Gothenburg… I wrote yesterday about me wanting to be born in the US or the UK… Today I wish I had been born in Florida or Australia…

So, in two weeks I will sing at a wedding. It’s a couple in my church and it’s the second one for me this year where i’m singing. I will also sing at a wedding in May but I don’t know the couple getting married so I will get paid! They heard me singing the national anthem at a track and field-competition in February and asked my sister if she knew who I was. And I’m booked a second time from the same track and field-organisation to sing the anthem in June!

I see my voice as a gift from God. He gave it to me and I want to honor Him with it. And now, when I get money using it, it’s money directly from Him. He provides for me! I have a job, but it’s only 75% and I only get by, so this is very welcome and a blessing!

I’m really amazed at how God works and how He loves me!


As I have written before, I love the English language. I find it more expressive, more detailed and more accurate. Especially in the christian vocabulary. Words as mercy and grace means two different things but in Swedish we only have one word…”nåd”. When I think about the use of the words I get irritated that I am a Swede. I would have loved to have been born in the US or the UK. Just to have this language as my mother tongue! When I worship, I rather sing the song in English, even though there is a translated version. But the translation is sometimes so bad it hurts inside!

This is one example:

I’m coming back to the heart of worship, and it’s all about You, it’s all about You Jesus.

This means that the writer wants to go back to the basics, to remember what it really means to worship…
This is the Swedish lyrics:

Jag vill tillbaka till hjärtats lovsång, och den handlar om Dig, bara om Dig Jesus.

What it says is: I want to come back to the worship of the heart, and it’s about You, only about You Jesus.

See my point?! There is a big difference! Matt Redman has a story about writing this song and I will let him tell it himself.

Why??! or the one where I saw West side story live

So, me and my friends went to the Gothenburg opera house last night to see the musical west side story. I have seen it in english many times when I was younger, on a VHS (yes, I am that old!) that I recorded from TV. The classic one from the 60’s. I’m sad to say that I couldn’t see past the comparison and was really disappointed in both the translation and the renewal they have done. They have translated it to today’s Sweden with lots and lots of cursing and sexual insinuations. Yes, my old VHS-version is old and outdated but it has its’ charm. Tony was a lot more sensitive and soft, Maria more latino, Bernardo more believable and touchy and Riff more white thrash. Also, the translation of the lyrics/dialogues was awful!

It’s no fun to not be able to let go of these thoughts. I couldn’t enjoy the show as I would have if I was able to see past it. Why must it be this way?! My friends are not as good as me in english so they were glad to see it in swedish, and of course they hadn’t seen it in english before so they couldn’t make the comparison. Even now, when I have started to watch the movie again on my computer, I still think it’s better. The Sharks (latinos) are fewer but smarter than the Jets (white trash). In the movie they can utilise more space, the setting is better, the dancing is also better. But sure, we are the small Sweden. We have great talents but they work abroad on Broadway or in London, they don’t stay here cause it’s not as good financially to do so. Well, I guess I have to move to england or the US to be satisfied… <sigh>

Steven Curtis Chapman…

It all started while I was about 17. I had a friend in gymnasium who listened a lot to him and we were going together with a bunch of others to a christian music festival. I can’t remember if it was The gospel Globe Festival or Connection. Anyway, my friend had lent me a CD saying “This is a great artist, you need to hear this”. This was SCC’s Heaven in the real world. I had no idea what kind of impact this man would have on my life. We went there, but there was some disappointment. He had canceled due to personal reasons. I think it was his father/grandfather who had passed away. Michael W Smith was one of the other musicians and of course I had no idea who he was either. Anyway, I kept on listening to SCC and in 2008 it was time again. He was to come to the Swedish christian music festival Gullbrannafestivalen. But again, he had to cancel due to personal reasons and this time it was his daughter. It was a real family tragedy so I can perfectly understand the decision! You can read more about it here (swe)or here (eng). Now, this spring, we try again and I pray to God so hard that He will let us take part of one of the best christian musician and not bring another misfortune unto SCC and family.

SCC have made 17 albums, received  5 grammies, 56 Dove Awards and have had 46 no 1 hits on american hitlists. I have tried to gather all albums, but still have a few left. Every time I listen to a song I discover something new, some small expression that speak to me, to where I am in my life at just that moment. So I can never listen to much to any of his songs, and that makes him a great singer/songwriter to me. So to be able to go to this concert is a pretty big thing for me. And from what I have heard, seen and read from other concerts, he shares, worships with us and speaks many truths. This is going to be a great day! April 27th, can’t wait til I get there!

Night of worship…

Ja, det blev verkligen en natt. De kickade igång 7.30 pm vilket blir 00.30 svensk tid (vi är 5 h+). Inte så sent som jag hade tänkt mig men det är ju för att USA inte ändrar sin vintertid förrän nästa söndag. Hade väl räknat med att de skulle hålla på längre en en och en halv timma men nu är det slut. Tio låtar, nattvard med en apell av Andy Stanley. Deras lovsångsteam är ju något utöver det vanliga, de har Candi Pearson-Shelton som lovsångsledare! Hon har sjungit bl a You are My King på en av mina cd-skivor; Passion OneDayLive. Hon har en så speciell, klar och vacker röst! Kan inte beskriva den, så underbar. Satte ihop en youtube-spellista och en spotify-spellista med de flesta låtarna från natten, så njut och prisa Gud!!