Why??! or the one where I saw West side story live

So, me and my friends went to the Gothenburg opera house last night to see the musical west side story. I have seen it in english many times when I was younger, on a VHS (yes, I am that old!) that I recorded from TV. The classic one from the 60’s. I’m sad to say that I couldn’t see past the comparison and was really disappointed in both the translation and the renewal they have done. They have translated it to today’s Sweden with lots and lots of cursing and sexual insinuations. Yes, my old VHS-version is old and outdated but it has its’ charm. Tony was a lot more sensitive and soft, Maria more latino, Bernardo more believable and touchy and Riff more white thrash. Also, the translation of the lyrics/dialogues was awful!

It’s no fun to not be able to let go of these thoughts. I couldn’t enjoy the show as I would have if I was able to see past it. Why must it be this way?! My friends are not as good as me in english so they were glad to see it in swedish, and of course they hadn’t seen it in english before so they couldn’t make the comparison. Even now, when I have started to watch the movie again on my computer, I still think it’s better. The Sharks (latinos) are fewer but smarter than the Jets (white trash). In the movie they can utilise more space, the setting is better, the dancing is also better. But sure, we are the small Sweden. We have great talents but they work abroad on Broadway or in London, they don’t stay here cause it’s not as good financially to do so. Well, I guess I have to move to england or the US to be satisfied… <sigh>